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Walberg Moves Career, Company Forward


Since earning his bachelor’s degree in 2013, Todd Walberg has moved across the country, transitioned to a new company and produced impressive results. Along the way, he’s implemented the lessons he gained while completing his Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Professional Retail Sales and Management Certificate online at Bellevue University.

Today, Walberg is the Director of Sales for T-CETRA, a leading financial technology solution provider based in Columbus, Ohio. The company enables retail locations to take cash payments and securely convert them to cashless transactions. Walberg, though, lives in New Jersey, where he manages a field sales team to support T-CETRA's current distribution of more than 10,000 stores across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Since he joined T-CETRA in 2019, Walberg has succeeded in growing sales and adding new distribution channels, despite the global pandemic.

Taking Advantage of Opportunity

The path that led Walberg to where he is now began with a corporate partnership between Verizon and Bellevue University. In 2012, Walberg was armed with an associate degree and found himself working full-time in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for Verizon.

“They (Verizon) had a very generous employee benefit program incentivizing employees to further their education,” he said. “I saw it as a great opportunity and took advantage while also working on my real-world business experience.”

Although Walberg had focused on network and system administration while getting his associate’s degree, he decided to take a different direction with his bachelor’s degree.

“When I enrolled at Bellevue University, I already knew that my real passion was going to be in Business Management,” he said. “I was still working full time with Verizon, so Bellevue University offered the best options in terms of flexibility, and gave me the tools to further my career path.”

Focused on Growth

After completing his degree, Walberg continued to excel but his life changed dramatically when he moved from his native Iowa to Morristown, New Jersey, to take on a new challenge as Verizon’s Sr. Manager of National Distribution.

Now, in his role at T-CETRA, he’s using what he learned at Verizon and Bellevue University to make an even bigger impact in an emerging industry.

“T-CETRA is a much smaller company than Verizon, but has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years as a cash-to-cashless payment solution, especially in the prepaid wireless industry,” he said.

“That kind of growth has required application of the agile business methods I learned at Bellevue University. Bellevue University taught me to plan for the big picture, and to constantly be striving for the right solutions for the right customers, which is one of the reasons I think we are so successful.”

The Perfect Fit for Working Adults

Walberg also recommends Bellevue University to others looking to move forward, despite a busy workload.

“As Bellevue University’s student population is comprised mostly of adult learners, they do a great job at understanding their unique needs,” he said. “At the time, I was juggling a lot professionally, but still was able to pursue my bachelor’s degree. They were flexible and understanding of my situation, while still providing a great education.”

In his free time, Walberg enjoys both playing and watching baseball, basketball and golf, as well as the occasional game night with friends.