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We Stand Together: A Message from Bellevue University

Students, Faculty and Staff Stand Together Against Hate, Injustice and Oppression

The following statement represents the collective voice and values of Bellevue University students, faculty and staff in response to recent events.

Bellevue University believes in the inherent value and dignity of each human being. We acknowledge the wrongs of racism and prejudice that exist in the world. And we stand together against hate, injustice and oppression.

Recognizing the strength found in our own diversity, we renew our commitment to helping to build a community and a world where everyone -- regardless of their circumstance or the color of their skin -- has the opportunity to access the education needed to reach their full potential.

Our core values will guide us. Integrity. Believing in the power of education to change individual lives and society for the better. Innovation. Care for others. And demonstrating respect for others in every interaction.

We believe there is an opportunity and a universal call to be better global citizens. Change will require action. Long-term commitment. And people everywhere working and learning together.


About Bellevue University

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