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Zoom Backgrounds Available for Alumni, Students

Although many students and employees are returning to campus and workplaces, remote meetings will continue to be a part of daily life. Bellevue University created branded Zoom images for use during the pandemic and encourages students and alumni to download and use them to customize your background whenever it works best for you.

Simply save the backgrounds (see below) that you like, and then upload them into Zoom via these steps:

  • Click the gear in the upper right to access settings
  • Select virtual background
  • Add image
  • Select the image

Zoom virtual backgrounds have a hardware requirement in order to function. When following the steps above, you may get a message that your computer doesn’t meet the requirements; you can still click through and try virtual backgrounds, but your performance may vary. If you move a lot during meetings – or if a kid or dog comes into the frame during your call — meeting participants will notice breaks in the background. For best results, a green screen and uniform lighting are recommended.

For Zoom assistance, visit this support page: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/210707503-Virtual-Background or contact Nathan Kraft.

Happy Zooming!

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